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Co-chairs: Bill Mintram (Rideau Hall Foundation)

Katie Blasco (Arctic Inspiration Prize)


As the largest annual prize in Canada with a specific focus on the Arctic, each year the Arctic Inspiration Prize (AIP) awards up to $3 million to diverse teams with innovative projects in the fields of education, sustainable housing, health, performing arts, traditional knowledge, language, and science. The Arctic Inspiration Prize is by the North and for the North and is supported by a network of people and groups, including Indigenous organizations, academia, governments, non-governmental organizations, industry, philanthropy, media and arts and culture organizations, who share a common goal: to recognize northern innovation and excellence and encourage teamwork for the betterment of life in Canada's North. Since 2012, the Arctic Inspiration Prize has supported 27 northern teams in realizing their innovative projects in communities across the North from Yukon to Nunatsiavut. Many of the AIP's laureates have been able to attract additional support for their initiatives and are continuing to effect positive change in their communities. This session will highlight some of the unique and creative projects being realized by the AIP's laureates.