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Co-chairs: Michael Ross (Northern Energy Innovation)

Joe Collier (Northern Energy Innovation)


This session will provide a broad overview of some of the key obstacles that must be addressed to facilitate the successful integration of renewable resources in remote northern communities across the Canadian Territories. This session can host presentations ranging from high-level policy analysis to technical assessments at the community level.

The session will be hosted by Dr. Michael Ross, the Industrial Research Chair of the Northern Energy Innovation Program, based out of Yukon Research Centre in Whitehorse. The Northern Energy Innovation Program conducts research in areas of need as identified by territorial utility partners. To date, the Northern Energy Innovation program has conducted Grid Impact Study assessments for several remote communities across the territories. Their research is primarily related to assessing technical barriers for the integration of renewable resources, diesel generator efficiencies and demand-side management.

Dr. Alexandra Mallett, from Carleton's School of Public Policy & Administration, will be joining us as a co-chair. Dr. Mallett will be drawing from her expertise in such areas as sustainable energy and climate policy; emerging economies / developing countries; low carbon technology cooperation; innovation, science and technology policies.