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Co-chairs: Anita Kora (Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami)

Karen Kelley (Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami)


In March 2018, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK) released the National Inuit Strategy on Research (NISR). The NISR envisions research that empowers Inuit to meet the needs and priorities of our families and communities. We see achieving self-determination in research as the means for ensuring that research governance bodies, policies, and practices are consistent with this vision. The NISR Implementation Plan, released in August 2018, provides a roadmap to accomplish this.

These pivotal documents outline the coordinated actions required to improve the way Inuit Nunangat research is governed, resourced, conducted, and shared. Further, they promote a shared understanding of the legacy of Inuit Nunangat research and connect this legacy to current research practices, define Inuit expectations for the role of research in our regions and communities, and identify areas for participation and action between Inuit and the research community.

For far too long, researchers and research institutions have tended to be the primary beneficiaries of Inuit Nunangat research, despite the present and ongoing need for Inuit-specific data and information that can be used to shape solutions to our most pressing challenges. The NISR seeks to remedy this by identifying five priority areas in which coordinated action is necessary to facilitate Inuit Nunangat research that is effective, impactful, and meaningful to Inuit. These five priority areas are: 1) Advance Inuit governance in research; 2) Enhance the ethical conduct of research; 3) Align funding with Inuit research priorities; 4) Ensure Inuit access, ownership, and control over data and information; and 5) Build capacity in Inuit Nunangat research.

Implementing the NISR will require a coordinated approach based on partnership. The interrelated, interdependent nature of these ve priority areas, as well as the number of stakeholders involved in Inuit Nunangat research, means that new relationships must be brokered between Inuit, government departments, and research institutions in order to implement the NISR.

This session invites individuals to showcase their work and how they are helping to implement the NISR and improve Inuit self-determination in research.