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Co-chairs: Anne Garland (Applied Research in Environmental Sciences Nonprofit, Inc.)

Liane Benoit (Benoit and Associates)


To improve Arctic Disaster Risk Reduction (ADRR), an Arctic Risk Management Network (ARMNet) was conceived as a trans-disciplinary hub to facilitate greater cooperation, communication and exchange among American, Russian, and Canadian researchers and practitioners engaged in DRR research, risk management and mitigation of all hazard emergencies in the Arctic regions. Its aim is to assist regional decision-makers through the sharing and facilitation of applied research, best practices, research gaps, and to support greater inter-operability and collaboration through improved networking, joint exercises, workshops, teleconferences, radio programs, and virtual communications (e.g., webinars). Most importantly, ARMNet is facilitating a knowledge ecosystem for timely and easier access to information related to hazard sciences of Arctic environment and geography, including emerging challenges arising from environmental change research, increased maritime traffic and expanding economic development to build capacity for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in collaboration with the UNISDR and the Sendai Framework 2015. Based on feasibility studies in 2015-2016 with the US Embassies of Canada and Russia, the constituency will include northern researchers who apply Arctic science about DRR, Arctic-based corporations, First Responders (FRs), Emergency Management Offices (EMOs) and Risk Management Offices (RMOs), military, Coast Guard, northern police forces, Search and Rescue (SAR) associations, and regional jurisdictions, such as boroughs, territories and community organizations throughout the Arctic. Panelists present the updates of the feasibility study among Arctic stakeholders, progress of the Embassy Reports' recommendations, procedures for the ADRR ecosystem model, continued plans for a Research Coordinator Network, and relevant case studies. All are welcome to present ADRR research and are invited to participate in ARMNet.