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Co-chairs: Chris Furgal (Trent University)

Sonia Wesche (University of Ottawa)


Food insecurity in Arctic communities is influenced by a complex series of environmental, social, economic, political and cultural factors and has been characterized as a public health 'crisis' in many regions. Recent data indicates that regional food insecurity is up to six times poorer in the North than elsewhere in the country. However, at the same time, significant innovation and promise exists in the many community and regional initiatives created to address the challenges of households and individuals in securing access to safe, healthy, and preferred foods on a regular basis. This session invites presentations from researchers, community and regional leaders, program providers, and policy and decision-makers who are working to understand and/or take action to improve food security in the North, at any scale.  The session provides an opportunity for those working on the many aspects of this issue to share their findings and experiences and to discuss what can and should be done to make a difference to improve the food security situation in Arctic communities.