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Co-chairs: Ann Balasubramaniam (Polar Knowledge Canada)

Kaitlin Breton-Honeyman (Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Monitoring Board)


Indigenous communities in the north conduct monitoring and research activities, contributing important observational and quantitative data towards understanding wildlife and ecosystem processes for improved local, regional, national and international decision making. This session aims to showcase successful community-based monitoring (CBM) initiatives and identify key components that led to project success, such as collaboration, local priority setting, flexible funding, supportive frameworks, and multi-dimensional engagement. Understanding community perspectives regarding project success will be a key component of this session. Discussions will include the necessary steps required to initiate and implement CBM initiatives. Given the contributions CBM makes in the Canadian monitoring landscape and the increasing desire to have communities involved in monitoring,  a better understanding of transferable best-practices among regions would assist governments, indigenous organizations, and academia and research institutions to achieve positive outcomes for all involved.