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Co-chairs: Amy Amos (Gwich'in Renweable Resources Board)

Jen Lam (Joint Secretariat - Inuvialuit Settlement Region)


Over the decades, community-based monitoring and research has gained an increasingly prominent role in the overall monitoring and research regime in the north and through these projects, a unique and deeper understanding of the north has been gained.  With this growth in community-based projects, the role of northern communities has expanded from being the subjects to participants to leaders in this work. Strong partnerships have been cultivated on an organizational and individual level to create a robust network of researchers, monitors and knowledge holders. Community-based monitoring and research has the potential to empower communities, benefit the research community and enrich our overall understanding of the north from the ground up.

This session will provide a platform to showcase and exchange lessons learned and best practices on how to develop, design, implement and communicate community-based monitoring and research in the north. This session will focus on community-based projects that are driven by northerners themselves or with southern researchers that have established strong and robust partnership with northerners to address community priorities and demonstrate how northern participation was incorporated from the beginning of the design of project and through to delivery of results. This session will look to highlight the processes and how the project was designed and delivered to address northern community issues, challenges, and opportunities.

In an effort to create space for northern perspectives and representation, this session looks to highlight presentation teams that meaningfully include northern participants and/or demonstrate north-south partnerships.