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Co-chairs: Brian Burke (Nunavut Fisheries Association)

Alastair O'Rielly (Northern Coalition)


Combined the Nunavut Fisheries Association (NFA) and the Northern Coalition (NC) represent the vast majority of the commercial fishing interests located in the Eastern Arctic (Nunavut, Nunavik and Labrador), responsible for harvesting the majority of the Greenland halibut (turbot) and shrimp (P. borealis and P. montagui) allocated in this region.  This session will provide updates on science and research initiatives currently led and/or sponsored by these organizations and its members, inclusive of several ArcticNet sponsored initiatives. Member firms of both organizations are community based, indigenous organizations, committed to the sustainable use of adjacent marine resources.

 Proposed presentations will cover a wide variety of science and research, including stock surveys (DFO and Northern Shrimp Research Foundation (NSRF)), tracking studies (Ocean Tracking Network (OTN)), new species research (Porcupine crab), gear development (Reducing Bottom Impacts), current ArcticNet initiatives including ArcticFish and ArcticKelp, and new initiatives under the Ocean Supercluster (High Resolution Mapping; Fishing Smarter, Not Harder; and Ocean Environmental DNA Monitoring).