Co-Chairs: Christopher Burn (Carleton University)

Julie Malenfant-Lepage (Université Laval and Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Fabrice Calmels (Yukon University)

Northern agencies are directly involved with adapting design and construction practices and planning for climate change effects on public infrastructure (buildings, roads, and airstrips). These effects stem from changing permafrost and hydrologic conditions, accelerated erosion, and extreme events. Their management requires understanding of scientific and engineering principles, of economics, and of organizing contracted work in the North. There are relatively few opportunities for researchers and practitioners to train together, specifically with respect to managing northern infrastructure. Recently, students and early career professionals have worked together in multidisciplinary short courses at Canadian northern colleges and in Norway to develop understanding of science and engineering aspects of the permafrost environment. The session encourages contributions proposing novel paths for development of scientific and engineering competences that may serve the North in a time of great biophysical change.