Co-Chairs: Dustin Whalen (Natural resources Canada)

Hugues Lantuit (Alfed Wegener Institute)

Jade Falardeau (Université du Québec à Montréal)

Research across the Arctic has indicated that the coastal zone has experienced dramatic physical and biogeochemical changes. Environmental factors such as warming temperatures, declining sea ice, and increased forcing events (storminess) are critical drivers to accelerate this change. The unprecedented change facing the Arctic coastal zone today will have a significant impact on the infrastructure, communities, Inuit peoples and vulnerable ecosystems. This session intends to bring together researchers, indigenous partners and community members who are studying or experiencing environmental changes in these critical coastal and nearshore arctic areas. Moreover, as these regions are widely used for harvesting, we hope to bring people investigating or observing the impacts of the recent climate change on the coastal ecosystem and its biota. Altogether, this session aims to provide critical information to support future planning, mitigation and adaptation measures of these changing permafrost coastal landscapes.