Co-Chairs: Jordan Musetta-Lambert (Wilfrid Laurier University & Environment and Climate Change Canada)

Joseph Culp (Wilfrid Laurier University & Environment and Climate Change Canada)

Biodiversity in Arctic freshwater ecosystems is under threat of unprecedented impacts of climate change and associated changes in hydrological, temperature and precipitation regimes, land-use alterations, permafrost thaw, and brownification. Arctic biodiversity is becoming increasingly vulnerable as northern ecosystems become more suitable for southern species previously limited by the harsh environmental conditions. Moreover, cold-adapted freshwater organisms are presented with no further habitat options once their temperature tolerance thresholds are surpassed. Rapidly changing Arctic freshwaters and biodiversity will influence critical ecosystem services. This session will provide a platform for a broad range of research addressing climate-driven impacts and consequences of structural and functional changes in biodiversity. Presentations are welcome from all backgrounds, including traditional knowledge and western scientific perspectives.