Co-Chairs: Emily Choy (McGill University)

Ryan O'Connor ( Université du Québec à Rimouski)

Andrew Barnas ( University of Windsor)

The response of Arctic birds to climate change has led to changes in thermoregulatory demands, prey availability, predator communities, and habitat use. The response to these stressors can be diverse and requires consideration of several aspects of avian biology, such as behaviour, physiology, ecology, and genetics. Assessing the vulnerability of birds to Arctic change will require multifaceted approaches. A significant step towards enhancing our understanding of avian responses is the use of new and less invasive techniques.

This session will address the current knowledge on how climate change is impacting Arctic birds. We encourage submissions from an array of disciplines and with an emphasis on projects using novel and non-invasive methods in aiding our understanding of Arctic avian ecology. Findings from this session will be of interest to a broad audience in advancing our holistic understanding of climate change impacts on avian species, including northern communities, wildlife managers, and biologists.