Sentinel North ECCC CIRNAC
Sentinel North/Sentinelle Nord Environment and Climate Change Canada CIRNAC
Sentinel North sheds light on the northern environment and its impact on humans by means of innovative technologies and transdisciplinary initiatives in support of sustainable health and development.   Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada continues to renew the nation-to-nation, Inuit-Crown, government-to-government relationship between Canada and First Nations, Inuit and Métis; modernize Government of Canada structures to enable Indigenous peoples to build capacity and support their vision of self-determination; and lead the Government of Canada's work in the North.
Weston Family Foundation NCP Polar Knowledge Canada
Weston Family Foundation Northern Contaminants Program Polar Knowledge Canada
The Weston Family Foundation is a private foundation dedicated to improving the well-being of Canadians. We champion world-class health research and innovation and support initiatives to protect and restore biodiversity on our unique landscapes. With more than $40 million committed to northern natural science research since 2007, we continue to collaborate with scientists, non-profit organizations and governments to better understand the North and to foster more informed decision making. Northern Contaminants Program (NCP) engages Northerners and scientists in research and monitoring of long-range contaminants in the Canadian Arctic. The data generated by the NCP is used to assess ecosystem and human health, address the safety of traditional/country foods, and support action to eliminate contaminants from their sources. Polar Knowledge Canada advances Canada's knowledge of the Arctic, strengthening Canadian leadership in polar science and technology, and promoting the development and distribution of knowledge of circumpolar regions, including Antarctica.
  Inuvialuit Regional Corporation  
  Inuvialuit Regional Corp. has built up its research capacity to undertake Inuvialuit-owned, led, and partnered research initiatives. Autonomy and control over research in our region is an important step towards reconciliation and self-determination.