You have been accepted as a presenter at the AC2020 Virtual Conference however, a last step is mandatory to ensure your presentation is included in the Program and must be completed by November 1st ! Please access your abstract by this deadline to answer the Content consent question to be included in the program. You will find additional details on this further in this section.

Instructions on how to access your abstract for editing and answering the consent questions in Ex Ordo can be found here. The deadline is 1st November.


Book of Abstracts Consent

This year, we are thrilled that Canadian Science Publishing has partnered with the conference to publish AC2020 abstracts – oral and poster in the open access Arctic Science Journal. Please let us know if you want your presentation abstract to be part of this special publication by answering the "Book of abstract" question in Ex Ordo no later than 1st  November.

Also, we ask the abstract authors to take special care in reviewing their submission and apply edits if necessary. Please check for spelling mistakes and verify authors are appropriately identified.


Content Consent

As part of the Arctic Change 2020 conference, we aim to promote the work of our presenters as much as possible. Therefore, the conference platform allows for content to remain public for up to a year following the conference’s conclusion. However, we understand that some presenters may be sharing sensitive or unpublished work during their presentation.

We therefore seek your consent to leave your presentation live and available on-demand for the year following the conference. If you answer no to this question, your presentation will only be available on the platform for the duration of the conference and removed afterwards. The copyrights of all videos and E-poster pictures remains the sole property of their authors.

We require that all presenters notify us of their preference by answering the "content consent" question when submitting the final version of their abstract on the Ex Ordo Platform. Those that do not respond by the 1st November will be presumed to have removed their presentation from the conference program.



We ask you to provide a video 12 minutes MAXIMUM recording of your presentation no later than November 1st.  It is a mandatory requirement for all presenters in all topical sessions. Please follow the guidelines available here to prepare and submit your video.


Please submit-save your video using the following format:

Your topical session ID_FIRST NAME_LASTNAME (

 Eg.: If I am presenting in topical session TER84, I will rename my video TER84_JOHN_SMITH

You can now upload that file to the ArcticNet dropbox and we will do the rest!

Please drop your video here:


If you have any questions, please contact:

Marc-André Ducharme



Claude Levesque