Co-Chairs: Yves Theriault (Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada)

Ben Linaker (Indigenous Services Canada)

Marlene Doyle (Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada)


This session will outline a new approach to federal climate change programming in the North, and will highlight the experiences of these programs from the perspective of local liaisons.


This session would provide a short introduction to CIRNAC and ISC climate change programs and their governance. Then climate change liaisons from across the North would co-present along with a committee member from each liaison’s regional committee offering more context around their region, including successes and challenges that they have seen in supporting climate change monitoring and adaptation (5 minutes each) .

These presentations will set the foundation for a panel discussion between the liaisons, who would discuss regional approaches and experiences with climate actions and assisting with federal program delivery. The liaisons would have some initial discussion topics and would also take questions from the audience throughout this session, allowing for an open and informative dialogue.