Co-Chairs: Anne Baker (National Research Council)

Henry Burgess (NERC Arctic Office, UK)

Sarah Kalhok Bourque (Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada)

Cecilia Lougheed (CITES Scientific Authority)

International collaborative research is increasing, along with a growing awareness of the link between environmental changes in the Arctic and climate change impacts globally. At one end of the spectrum is the Arctic Council, the leading multilateral forum for circumpolar cooperation focused on environmental protection and sustainable development. At the other end are deepening bilateral science relationships like that between Canada and the United Kingdom. This session focuses on international and bilateral work being conducted under these and other approaches. Initiatives that demonstrate mutually beneficial and respectful research collaboration with Indigenous People are especially welcome. Key questions to be considered include:

  • How can large scale initiatives with international partners be better linked to Indigenous priorities and knowledge?
  • What does research cooperation look like in practice and what are the benefits?
  • How successful are these efforts at producing research findings to enable policy decisions?