Co-Chairs: David Fissel (Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society)

Helen Joseph (Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society)

This interdisciplinary session will present emerging scientific results on the rapidly changing physical environment of the Canadian Arctic, over the past few decades. The underlying causes of these changes, in terms of the cryosphere, oceanography, hydrology and meteorology, are being addressed through observational- and modeling-based research. Papers will be presented on the changes of Arctic conditions, and their underlying causes. The application of the scientific results relevant to policy issues will be considered, including those on the ecosystem, the Indigenous peoples of the Arctic, and commercial activities including shipping. Papers are sought from research and science activities in the following areas: (i) Arctic Meteorology and Climate; (ii) Arctic Oceanography; (iii) the Cryosphere including sea ice, glaciers, terrestrial and marine snowfall and snow accumulation; (iv) interdisciplinary papers on Arctic Ecosystems and (v) policy papers on the Human Dimension of the Changing Arctic.