Co-Chairs: Stephanie Meakin (Inuit Circumpolar Council)

Nicolien Simone Van Luijk (University of Ottawa)

The rapid increase in shipping propelled by climate change poses potential risks and benefits to the Arctic region, specifically, to the wellbeing of Inuit communities and ocean health. Inuit are a marine people and the health of the Arctic ocean is paramount for community nutrition, food security, transportation, local economies, and cultural connection. Arctic shipping is also vital for affordable community re-supply. Arctic shipping is also an emerging new market with many Arctic and non-Arctic states’ interests involved. To ensure the protection of the Arctic ocean and marine wildlife, while also securing consistent vital shipping supply lines all voices are needed for informed decision making. This session will open a discussion between communities, industry, NGO’s, Government, and academia on the various visions for the future of Arctic shipping. It will take the involvement of all stakeholders to inform emerging national and international regulatory advancements for safe Arctic shipping.