Co-Chairs: Alison Perrin (Carleton University/Yukon University)

Gita Ljubicic (McMaster University)


Research has the possibility to inform our decisions and policies, yet it is often difficult to bridge the divide between academic research and policy-making. While northern regions are actively conducting their own research, they also rely on the knowledge capital provided by southern institutions to answer pressing questions. Successful bridging of science and policy can involve North-South partnerships, collaborations, and creative communication between researchers and policy-makers.


In this session we will explore the science-policy interface from both northern decision-maker and researcher perspectives.  We are interested in hearing examples of how researchers communicate with policy-makers, how northern decision-makers access research to inform policy, and how science policies guide northern research.


We are hoping to highlight a variety of perspectives in this session and encourage northern presenters to apply as well as teams that demonstrate North-South partnerships.