Chair: Claire Samson (Canada Foundation for Innovation)

*CANCELLED 2020-11-04*

The ITK National Inuit Research Strategy and many other Northern and Indigenous organizations emphasize the crucial importance of both increasing capability for research and ensuring that research activities are designed and conducted in a way that directly benefits Northerners.

Embracing this approach, the CFI will launch a new research infrastructure fund with two core objectives:

1.            Help build capability for high-quality research and technology development conducted by Northerners and for Northerners; and,

2.            Ensure that Northerners have greater control over, and determination of, the research agenda by placing ownership of the research infrastructure in the hands of Northern post-secondary institutions.

This session will bring together the leadership of Yukon University, Aurora College and Arctic College to discuss building research capacity, developing a Northern research agenda, and the role of funding agencies and southern universities can play in helping achieve their goals.