Co-Chairs: Melina Kourantidou (Dalhousie University)

Brooks Kaiser (University of Southern Denmark)

Jessica Adelman (Core Geoscience Services Inc)

Rasheeda Slater (Core Geoscience Services Inc)

The effects of environmental change are prominent in northern ecosystems and are driving social, ecological, economic, institutional and governance transformations in Arctic communities. Evidence from Arctic coastal communities which are among the most impacted from climate shifts in marine ecosystems, point at the need for novel solutions to harness benefits of diversification and contribute to resilience building. Diversification may take many forms, including tourism, resource extraction and infrastructure investments. In some cases, it requires resource management changes that extend beyond marginal adjustments to existing systems. With Indigenous communities in the forefront of deciding the type of change needed, community and scientific input shall be co-developed to jointly determine priorities and communal gains. We invite presentations identifying avenues for diversification, adaptation and resource management planning and particularly welcome initiatives driven by the communities themselves.