Co-Chairs: Andrew Hamilton (University of Alberta)

Juliana Marson (University of Alberta)

Paul Myers (University of Alberta)

Physical oceanographic processes in the Pan-Arctic play a fundamental role in shaping Earth’s climate. This region is also undergoing rapid change due to increasing air and ocean temperatures, massive influxes of freshwater from melting glaciers and ice caps, changes in sea ice cover, and shifts in atmospheric and oceanic circulation patterns. Yet despite its importance, there remain large gaps in the state of our knowledge of these northern waters. In this session we invite presentations of research across a broad range of physical oceanography in polar and sub-polar seas, from micro-scale to basin-scale dynamics, including observational and modelling approaches on topics including, but not limited to, thermodynamic exchanges across ice-ocean boundary layers, fjord- and basin-scale circulation dynamics, glacier-ocean interactions, transport and fate of heat and freshwater (liquid and solid), deep water convection processes, and the past, present, and future states of the Arctic Ocean.