Co-Chairs: Caroline Bouchard (Greenland Institute of Natural Resources)

Teunis Jansen (Greenland Institute of Natural Resources)

Julek Chawarski (Memorial University)

Mette Dalgaard (Institute of Marine Research)

From high arctic to subarctic seas, and from deep ocean basins to complex fjord systems, the highly diverse marine ecosystems surrounding Greenland have an inestimable societal and economic value. These ecosystems are however rapidly changing under the numerous effects of global warming. The session aims at fostering a broad and constructive discussion on all aspects of marine ecosystems around Greenland. We welcome contributions focusing on a varieties of topics including physical oceanography, carbon cycling, marine ecology, biodiversity, long-term monitoring, glacier-ocean interactions, benthic-pelagic coupling and fisheries. We invite the participation of scientists from Greenland and around the world.