Co-Chairs: S. Kim Juniper (Oceans Network Canada)

Maia Hoeberechts (Oceans Network Canada)

Richard Dewey (Oceans Network Canada)

This Town Hall session will present Ocean Networks Canada's (ONC) growing cabled and community-based ocean observing networks in the Canadian Arctic. This update is designed to inform researchers about existing time-series data sets, and opportunities for adding complementary experiments.  Members of Arctic coastal communities are also encouraged to attend. ONC currently operates cabled underwater observing systems in Cambridge Bay, and Gascoyne Inlet, Nunavut, and a third system will be installed near Churchill on Hudson Bay in 2021. These platforms support continuous, year-round  monitoring of oceanographic conditions in coastal waters. Resulting time-series data are freely available online through ONC's Oceans 2.0 interface, and summary data products are made available to communities. In parallel, ONC has established community-based ocean observing programs in communities in the western and eastern Arctic, in conjunction with ONC's Youth Science Ambassador program and activities of the Canadian Rangers.