Co-Chairs: Misha Warbanski (Polar Knowledge Canada)

Amos Hayes (Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre)

Brynn Devine (University of Windsor)

Kirsty Lees (University of Windsor)

Harri Pettitt-Wade (University of Windsor)

Evidence-based decision making on northern issues requires reliable and timely inputs, including scientific and Indigenous knowledge, and data sampled at appropriate spatial and temporal scales. Much of the existing knowledge from northern regions is siloed within institutions with restricted access or held by individual knowledge holders. These limitations may be overcome by establishing new collaborative networks, and developing new digital tools or platforms to inform decision-making, share data, reduce research barriers, and highlight potential knowledge gaps. We welcome participants to explore digital tools and services that improve access to data relevant to northern priorities, and meta-analyses/syntheses of long-term datasets and/or novel interdisciplinary research techniques that integrate social science or traditional knowledge to identify conservation needs and current knowledge/sampling gaps.