Co-Chairs: Lisa Loseto (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)

Martin Fortier (Sentinel North)

Topsy Banksland (AIP National Selection Committee)

As the largest annual prize in Canada the AIP encourages, enables and celebrates the inspiring achievements of the people of the North. The AIP bridges traditional knowledge with science to address issues facing northern communities from Yukon to Labrador. Many successful initiatives have received AIP funding to support community-driven research, science training for northern youth, sustainable northern housing and improved food security and health. This session will explore the unique potential of combining science and research with Northern-led community engagement. AIP laureates will discuss their experiences working with Northern communities to develop science-based projects that have lasting impact across the North. Northern AIP team members together with southern researchers will speak to how the AIP encourages collaboration and acts as a bridge to support research that is by the North and for the North. This session will give insight on launching a successful, collaborative and science-based nomination.