Co-Chairs: Kathy Snow (UPEI)

Jodie Lane (Nunatsiavut)

Caitlyn Baikie (ITK) - to be confirmed

Ruth Kane (uOttawa)

Inuit students need Inuit educators, Inuit educators need culturally relevant and sustainable teacher education, and Inuit educators need pathways to leadership within their education systems. Highlights from discussions with Inuit Educators in Nunavut (Walton et al, 2005) revealed three major themes impacting capacity building both for youth and their teachers: an urgent need to revitalize Inuit education; a clear call for decolonising practices to rebuild the strength, confidence, and leadership capacity of Inuit educators; and a rejection of colonizing attitudes and practices. A great deal of work and development has happened within Inuit Nunangat in the past 15 years. A growing number of leadership roles and responsibilities have emerged with the evolution and development of regional governments. However many of these leadership positions remain unfilled, or filled by non-Inuit leaders.

This session will invite participants to draw on historical records, community-based research and lived experiences to collectively compile a picture of current and past Inuit education across the four regions of Inuit Nunangat. Participants are invited to share examples of Inuit led and/or community based graduate programming, and leadership capacity building.