Co-Chairs: Sonia Wesche (University of Ottawa)

Kelly Skinner (University of Waterloo)

Andrew Spring (Wilfrid Laurier University)

Chris Furgal (Trent University)

While communities across the circumpolar North face significant food security challenges, they are also key sites of significant innovation, knowledge, and action for building sustainable food systems. Indigenous and non-Indigenous Northerners, local and regional organizations, and governments are working with a broad range of partners in response to complex and evolving environmental, social, political and economic challenges. Together, they are working to build food systems that promote community health and well-being; foster stronger ties to culture, land and spirituality; and support self-determination and self-reliance. This session invites presentations that address a broad range of research, perspectives, and initiatives related to northern food systems, food sovereignty and food security. We are particularly interested in highlighting innovative research methods, policies, and success stories that promote knowledge sharing and network-building across northern regions.