Co-Chairs: Justine Ramage (Nordregio)

Susanna Gartler (University of Vienna)

Leneisja Jungsberg (Nordregio)

Permafrost thaw is a challenge for many of the 907 Arctic communities living on permafrost who have expressed their concerns about risks associated with permafrost thaw. Impacts on permafrost communities include for example destabilization of infrastructure, reduction in country food accessibility, and declining health conditions.  Adaptation strategies and approaches to tackling impacts of permafrost thaw differ across the Arctic regions and local communities. This session will highlight the impacts of permafrost thaw on ecosystem services, health, and infrastructure affecting permafrost communities. It will serve as a platform for sharing best practices and solutions proposed to adapt to changing ground conditions. We invite contributions from researchers from various disciplines studying impacts and adaptation to permafrost thaw, as well as contributions from permafrost community members, policy-makers, and governments discussing the impacts, solutions, and adaptations to changes related to permafrost thaw.