Co-chairs: Olga Povoroznyuk (University of Vienna)

Warwick Vincent (Université Laval)

Fabrice Calmels (Yukon University)

As the Circumpolar North comes into increasing global focus, new transportation projects are being imagined and built across the Arctic and Subarctic. Land-based transport and its related infrastructure cause tremendous changes in socio-ecological systems, including new forms of mobility and connectivity that affect the circulation of people, goods, resources and information. Transport infrastructure also affects the natural environment by altering landscape and ecological processes and expanding the human footprint into remote, formerly pristine ecosystems. Rapid climate change is bringing new challenges for construction and maintenance of transport systems, requiring new adaptive solutions. This session invites presentations that consider the complex entanglements between humans, environment and transportation infrastructure (roads, railways, pipelines and coastal facilities), including perspectives from the social and natural sciences, engineering and transportation studies.