Co-chairs: Mylene Riva (McGill Universtity)

Julia Christensen (Memorial University)

Pierre Ayotte (Université Laval)

People and communities across the Canadian North have shown enduring self-reliance, strength of family, resilience, pride in culture and traditions, linguistic vitality, faith, and love, despite suffering disproportionately from a range health issues and traumas. Recent events related to the novel coronavirus pandemic have further demonstrated the resilience of northern peoples as well as brought into clearer focus persistent issues related to health inequities and the social determinants of health, including housing insecurity. To broaden positive and inclusive discussions in population health research, intervention, practice, and policy, and explore linkages across northern social determinants of health research, we invite presentations focusing on health, well-being and the social determinants of health, including housing, for populations across the circumpolar North and for northern populations living in southern urban centers.