Using Zoom as a screen recorder for Arctic Change Presentations

Download the PDF guide here!


Zoom is a free program that can easily be used as a screen recording tool.

If you choose to use Zoom’s built-in and effective recording feature you will need to do the following to achieve the best results.

Toggle on a few different settings in the Zoom desktop app preferences panel.


Settings > Video

  • 16:9 (widescreen)
  • Enable HD
  • Touch up my appearance (optional)
  • Always show video preview



Settings> Recording

  • Optimize for 3rd party video editor
  • Record video during screen sharing
  • By default on a Mac and PC Zoom stores your recording files in the current user’s document’s directory: example - /Jonny/Documents/Zoom
  • You can change the location if desired



Settings>Virtual Background

  • Chose one or none



Settings >Audio

  • Check that your microphone is working properly.  It is recommended to use a mic, however, be careful not to have it set too high or your audio will peak. You can test it here before you begin to record.



Once you have your settings the way you would like, click the

New meeting icon


Join with computer Audio



You can also now test the speaker and microphone if you haven’t already done so.


Share Screen



Choose your desktop

At the bottom of that screen check ‘share computer sound’ and ‘optimize screen share for Video Clip'



Click Share

Hover your mouse over the green recording strip and this menu will appear.




Explore the menu to become familiar with the options


Click Start Video to include a video of yourself via webcam.  Place that video box in a convenient location off to one side or corner.


Test out the Annotate button and options, you can draw, use stamps, clear your screen etc.


Under the ellipses (More) you will find the ‘Record’ button.  Once you click this your presentation recording will be under way.  Take a few moments to try a few test runs and ensure that the program is working the way you want it to.



If you will be pulling up more than one window during the presentation it will be helpful to have those extra screens or documents open, but minimized, to ensure a smooth transition.

Within the same ‘More’ menu, you will also see a Pause Recording option. Use this to gather your thoughts if needed, or to pull up a new window, or to grab a quick drink.



Once you have finished recording


Stop Recording (‘More Menu’)

Stop Share


End Meeting For All


A window will appear to let you know that Zoom is converting your recording

Once converted (this may take some time depending on the length of the recording) a window will ask you where to save the recording, this is up to you, just be sure to note the location for later.

Click Save

A window with 3 files will appear.  The .mp4 is the important one.  You can click on it to watch your recording. 


Once you are satisfied with your video, save your file naming it according to the following model:


1.    Your topical session ID_FIRST NAME_LASTNAME (

  •  Eg.: If I am presenting in topical session TER84, I will rename my video TER84_JOHN_SMITH


2.    You can now upload that file to the ArcticNet dropbox and we will do the rest!


Please drop your video here:



If you have any questions, please contact:


Marc-André Ducharme





Claude Levesque