Arctic Change 2014

8-12 December - Ottawa Convention Centre - Ottawa, Canada


Meeting rooms are available for rental at the Ottawa Convention Centre on Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 December for groups wanting to hold workshops during the meeting. Please contact the Arctic Change 2014 secretariat for more information. Rooms will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Workshop Schedule

Monday 8 December
13h00-17h00 Room 201 - European-Canadian cooperation in the Arctic: the future
This side meeting will review projected arctic research initiatives and identify Canadian-European collaboration opportunities that could be funded through Canadian (e.g. Canada First Excellence Research Fund) and European (e.g. H2020) programs. Representatives from Canada and several European countries will provide short descriptions of key initiatives to fuel a general discussion of potential collaborations.
Contact: Catherine Lalande ()
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14h00-17h00 Room 211 - IRIS 2 Meeting (private)
Contact: Trevor bell ()
09h00-14h30 Room 204 - Workshop on Baffin Bay & Labrador (private)
Session will form the basis for a coordinated long-term science program for the Baffin Bay & Labrador Sea area.
Contact: Soren Rysgaard
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Tuesday 9 December
08h30-17h30 Room 102 - Green Edge Planning Meeting (private)
Green Edge project: To understand the dynamics of the phytoplankton spring bloom and determine its role in the Arctic Ocean of tomorrow, including for human population.
Contact: Marie-Hélène Forget ()
08h00-12h00 Room 212 - NASA LCLUC Yamal Synthesis (private)
This is a closed project meeting.
Contact: Skip Walker ()
13h30-18h30 Room 212 - Rapid Arctic Transitions related to Infrastructure and Climate change (RATIC)
The RATIC workshop is a forum for developing and sharing new ideas and methods regarding best practices for assessing, responding to, and adaptively managing the cumulative effects of Arctic industrial infrastructure and climate change. Three case studies from Alaska, Canada, and Russia will be presented, followed by a round-table discussion.
Contact: Skip Walker ()
12h30-17h30 Room 103 - AGM CNNRO (private)
Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Network of Northern Research Operators.
Contact: David Miller ()
08h30-15h30 Rooms 100 & 101 - AACA - BBDS Authors Workshop
Contact: Martin Fortier ()
09h00-16h00 Room 204 - Workshop on Station North (private)
Contact: Soren Rysgaard
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09h00-12h00 Room 106 - SAON Committee on Observing Networks (private)
SAON Committee on Observations and Networks: First Face-to-face meeting.
Contact: Lisa Loseto ()
13h00-17h00 Room 105 - ADAPT PI’s Meeting (private)
Contact: Mickaël Lemay ()
13h30-17h00 Room 108 - ArcTrain (private)
ArcTrain Canada general meeting.
Contact: Anna King ()
14h00-16h00 Room 210 - Forming a Hudson Bay Consortium
This meeting will begin the planning process for a Hudson Bay Consortium. Hudson Bay remains the only large body of water in Canada lacking an integrated governance structure. The proposed Consortium will bring together community leaders, government, researchers and industry across jurisdictions in Hudson Bay to coordinate environmental stewardship for the region. For details and to register:
Contact: Joel Heath ()
14h00-17h00 Room 106 - Circumpolar Arctic Coastal Communities Observatory Network (CACCON)
CACCON welcomes you to a working session with circum-Arctic communities and regions to expand participation and bring new ideas into the network. We will begin the meeting with an overview of the CACCON initiative, followed by input on regional issues from network members and knowledge hubs. We invite those with conflicting schedules to join us after the coffee break.
Contact: Trevor Bell ()
08h00-16h30 Room 206 - International Arctic S&T Collaboration and Engagement Workshop
This workshop will facilitate sharing of Arctic S&T priorities between Canadian and leading international polar knowledge research institutions to explore opportunities to enhance bilateral cooperation. It is open to all, free of charge. To confirm attendance, send your name and affiliation to
Contact: Marc Meloche, Senior Policy Advisor, CPC ()

Wednesday 10 December
12h30-13h15 Room 211 - IRIS 1 Steering Committee (private)
IRIS 1 steering committee, Kitikmeot sub-committee members and invited guests will discuss the final review mechanism for Northerners of the IRIS 1 Regional Impact Assessment before publication.
Contact: Ashley Gaden ()