December 11 - 15, Québec City Convention Centre, Québec, Canada

2017 Photo Contest

Over the last few years, ArcticNet has maintained a collection of photographs highlighting the spectacular beauty of the polar regions, and featuring the scientific research, landscapes, wildlife, and northern communities. With a growing collection of stunning images, the ArcticNet’s Polar Photography gallery is now a resource for educational, media and other research programs. It is committed to communicating Arctic and Antarctic knowledge to a diverse international audience and to preserving a legacy of iconic and accessible imagery for future generations.

Photos from the gallery have been featured in prominent national and international print and electronic media publications, including The Gazette Ottawa Life, Globe and Mail, UpHere, Above & Beyond, Canadian Geographic, Time Magazine, GEO Magazine, Washington Post, Le Monde and Al Jazeera.

The International Arctic Change 2017 Photo Contest is a fantastic opportunity for Arctic researchers, students, partners and collaborators to share their dynamic and eye-catching photos of the circum-Arctic, its peoples, communities, landscapes, wildlife and research activities. Over $1000 CAD in cash prizes will be awarded.

2017 Winners Announced!

We would like to congratulate the winners of the 2017 Arctic Change Photo Contest.

First Place: $500
Natalie Gillis

Natalie Gillis/First Place

Caption: Polar Bear on the sea ice.

Second Place: $350
Cynthia Le Duc

Cynthia Le Duc/Second Place

Caption: Morning mist surrounding the island of Kulusuk.

Third Place: $250
Antoine Boisson

Antoine Boisson/Third Place

Caption: Who will be the first to get out of the water?

Honourable Mention: $150
Pierre Coupel

Pierre Coupel/Honourable Mention

Caption: Formation de mare de fonte autour du camp de glace, GreenEdge.

Honourable Mention: $150
Matthew Ayre

Matthew Ayre/Honourable Mention

Caption: A flock of female Eider ducks fly in front of the terminus of a glacier.

Honourable Mention: $150
David Wrangborg

David Wrangborg/Honourable Mention

Caption: Snow and Sky in the Arctic Sweden.